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Recrutement BBD

Post by StimniX on Thu 31 May - 14:27

- Login in game + Nickname: StimniX
- Age: 18 Years old
- Nationality: Czech Republic
- Languages: Czech, English
- Who do I know: I don't think i know someone, but somebody may remember my under nick "zuzrman"
- Which game I usually play: TMUF/Stadium only
- Is my computer able to bear TM²: Yes
- Do you already have TM²: No
- Are you able to play competitions with the team or do you just want to play for fun: I would say both
- Have you ever played official matches or participated in clan war: Both yes i'm playing one "tournament" every wednesday
- History on TMN: I've been playing it for like 5/6 years with some breaks. Most of the time i was under czech team "SA" until the team broke. From that time I took break for a year or something like that. Now i'm actively playing for like half a year
- Kind of maps i prefer: I like Tech, sometimes i enjoy myself some good mini or lolsports. But the most i like maps like "OWN Opdal", don't really know how to call those tracks.
- According to me, what's my level: I would say something between high and medium
- Disponibility and frequency of playing: Most of the time i play in evening hours like 6pm+ and for the weekends, sometimes i have to leave for the whole weekend.
- My favorite servers: I just join somewhere where is someone or when i just want to train some maps i choose servers with the maps i want to train.
- My motivation to join this team: I was looking for some competition, good team, someone i can race under
- My favorite pokemon: Piplup

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Date d'inscription : 2018-05-31
Age : 18
Localisation : Czech Republic

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