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[Accepted] Scorpion application

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[Accepted] Scorpion application

Post by Scorpion on Sat 17 Jun - 21:32

[co- Login in game + nickname (TMNF and TM²) : Darkneji619

- Age : 24

- Nationality : venezuelan

- Languages you can talk : spanish, english

- Who do you know in our team : D-boy-fitz

- Which game do you usualy play (TMN ESWC, TMN Forever, TM²) : TMN Forever

- Is your computer able to bear TM² Stadium : no

- Do you already have TM² Stadium : no

- Are you able to play competitions with the team or do you just want to play for fun : both (i think)

- Have you ever played official matches or participated in clan war : yes

- History on tmn (your old teams, when did you start to play tmn) : LSD, DNA and SFX

- Kind of maps do you prefer (Fullspeed, Tech, mini, etc...) : fullspeed, speed fun

- According to you, what is your level (High, medium, low) : medium-high

- Disponibility and frequency of playing : all days

- Your favorite servers : BBD PRO FULLSPEED

- Your motivations to join us : be better racing whit you

- And finally, the most important question, what is your favorite pokemon : umbreon

All the best, with us or not.lor=#000


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Re: [Accepted] Scorpion application

Post by D-Boy-Fitz on Sat 17 Jun - 21:40

Welcome to the team brother, I have already given you your tag, you known me for years, lets kick some ass and have good times like the old days bro..


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Re: [Accepted] Scorpion application

Post by Coki on Sat 17 Jun - 21:42

Hello and welcome in the team Smile

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Re: [Accepted] Scorpion application

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