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Application for the eXeS Cup

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Application for the eXeS Cup

Post by Wood on Mon 14 Nov - 18:44

- Login in game + nickname (TMNF and TM²) : wassim95, Delta|Wood.

- Age :17

- Nationality : French

- Languages you can talk :English and French.

- Who do you know in our team :I know a bit Lion

- Which game do you usualy play (TMN ESWC, TMN Forever, TM²) : TM².

- Is your computer able to bear TM² Stadium :Yes.

- Do you already have TM² Stadium :Yes.

- Are you able to play competitions with the team or do you just want to play for fun :I just want to join BBD² for the eXeS cup Smile, because i don't want to play with Delta.

- Have you ever played official matches or participated in clan war :Yes.

- History on tmn (your old teams, when did you start to play tmn) :I play tm since almost 2 years.

- Kind of maps do you prefer (Fullspeed, Tech, mini, etc...) :Mini tech and ESL,TMM etc.

- According to you, what is your level (High, medium, low) :Hmmm medium I think.

- Disponibility and frequency of playing :I canplay almost everydays if i don't have exams.

- Your favorite servers :FunShortTechCup, mariokart.

- Your motivations to join us :I want to join BBD² for the eXeS Very Happy

- And finally, the most important question, what is your favorite pokemon : Rayquaza.


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Re: Application for the eXeS Cup

Post by Delta| Kaame on Mon 14 Nov - 19:10

He's a mate, he's a good player ! Wink

Delta| Kaame

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Re: Application for the eXeS Cup

Post by Lion on Tue 15 Nov - 19:55

You're not accepted sorry. I don't want bbd2 to be an hotel and then I don't want everibody to join only for the exes tc cup. If you want to join us for exes tc, join the team "for a long time. I made an exception for kaame because I know him and he ask first.
It's NO, or you postulate in team BBD "for real".

Have a good game


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Re: Application for the eXeS Cup

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